How healthy is this fairway? More green obviously means more healthy, but how health are those areas really? The red areas shown on the first map are the most unhealthy areas, requiring more water or fertilizer. The light-green areas (beginning at 0.66) are still unhealthy even though they are a little green. Read more about online casino bonus ohne einzahlung 2021. The darkest green areas (from 0.83—0.92) are the healthiest grass, therefore requiring less fertilizer.But here is the trick question. How do you know how much to fertilize each area if most of the grass looks the same color to the naked eye?

The answer: you don’t. You waste money. Our NDVI maps help eliminate this problem and allow you to fertilize the exact amount needed on every inch of your course.


The next map shows a fertilizing action plan, showing the specific fertilizer needs of the grass. The gray areas are not fertilizer related; they are water related, so Eco-Turf Solutions will not fertilize these areas. These maps were created by Eco-Turf Solutions.

This golf course could save up to 45% on fertilizer cost by applying fertilizer according to the Eco-Turf Solutions method.

This is an application map of a driving range. Their regular fertilizer program would have applied 934 lbs. With the ETS technology and plan it only requires 370 lbs—a 60% savings.

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