Does every square foot of your grass require equal amounts of product?

The answer is simply NO! Soil testing, which is done by many, only provides a composite sample of the single area being tested and not a comprehensive analysis of plant health. ETS has developed a way to make sure that every strand of grass gets the exact nutrition it needs while saving you money.

Are you under or over fertilizing and spending to much on product?

Did you know that too much fertilizer can actually damage your grass, your business, and the environment? Well it can. Doing business as usual means more money spent and less revenue gained. Technology now exists so you don’t get caught in this situation.

How Eco-Turf Solutions (ETS) can help.

Eco-Turf Solutions (ETS) generates Normalized Difference Vegetative Index (NDVI) maps that show the health of your grass. Using infrared technology, NDVI maps show which areas need additional care and which are healthy on a scale of 0.00–0.99: (0 being the worst and .99 being the best). ETS can produce NDVI maps and create an application plan to manage your turf or golf course in a more cost effective, environmentally sound and sustainable manner.


This image shows what an NDVI map looks like. The red parts show the grass with the biggest need for help and demand for fertilizer while the dark green parts are very healthy and need minimal amount of fertilizer if any.

So at what point is grass the healthiest it needs to be then? Through research here at ETS, we have determined that truly healthy grass is in the > 0.9 range on the NDVI scale. Any fertilizer used on such areas wastes money and can actually damage the grass.

So, how can we save you money? We generate your own personal fertilizing action plan that is unique to your grass and nobody else’s. This map shows an example of one of our personal fertilizing action plans showing the specific fertilizer needs of the grass. The gray areas ar not fertilizer related but rather water related: ETS will not fertilize these areas. Our technology here at ETS will give you a true picture of the health of your golf course beyond what the eye can see. These course specific plans will truly allow you to fertilize in a more cost effective way.

The image below shows a custom plan for a hole on a golf course in Southern Idaho. We were able to save them 45-60% of their total fertilizing costs because of the ETS Process.


The ETS Process

1. Create and NDVI mapping of the course using ETS Technology.

2. Collaborate with the golf course superintendant to create a specific fertilizer application map.

3. Using geo-reference computer control, ETS will apply the fertilizer based on the application map.

4. Repeat the service before each fertilizing for best results.

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